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Radiant Landscapes: Discovering the #ColorsOfIndia Aboard The Maharajas’ Express

India, a land of vibrant hues and rich cultural heritage, offers an unparalleled journey of discovery. One of the most luxurious ways to explore this kaleidoscope of colors is aboard The Maharajas’ Express. This royal train traverses through India’s majestic landscapes, from bustling cities to serene countryside, offering an immersive experience of the nation’s diverse beauty. Let’s embark on this royal journey and explore what awaits you.

Luxury Train Experience

The train features lavishly decorated cabins, gourmet dining, personal butlers, and a range of amenities that ensure a memorable journey. Each carriage exudes an old-world charm, combined with modern conveniences, providing a unique blend of tradition and luxury.

Journey Highlights

Major Destinations

The Maharajas’ Express covers a range of destinations that showcase the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of India. From the historical palaces of Rajasthan to the spiritual ghats of Varanasi, each stop offers a new adventure and a deeper understanding of India’s heritage.

Unique Experiences

Every stop on this journey is curated to provide unique experiences, whether it’s a royal gala dinner at a palace or a guided tour of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The train’s itinerary is designed to ensure that travelers get a taste of India’s vibrant culture and history.

Jaipur – The Pink City

Amber Fort

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is known as the Pink City. The Amber Fort, with its imposing architecture and intricate designs, is a must-visit. Travelers can explore the fort’s courtyards, halls, and palaces, all adorned with beautiful frescoes and mirror work.

Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, is another iconic landmark in Jaipur. Its unique five-story façade with 953 small windows allows cool air to pass through, making it an architectural marvel worth visiting.

Local Markets

Stroll through the bustling markets of the old city, where you can shop for traditional Rajasthani jewelry, textiles, and handicrafts. The vibrant colors and lively atmosphere of the markets offer a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle.

Udaipur – The City of Lakes

City Palace

Udaipur, nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills, is known for its stunning lakes and palaces. The City Palace, overlooking Lake Pichola, is a majestic structure with a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles. It offers breathtaking views of the lake and the city.

Lake Pichola

A boat ride on Lake Pichola is a serene experience, providing picturesque views of the surrounding hills and palaces. The lake is dotted with islands, including the famous Jag Mandir Palace, which adds to its charm.

Jag Mandir Palace

Explore the intricate architecture of the Jag Mandir Palace, located on an island in Lake Pichola. Known for its beautiful gardens and exquisite marble work, the palace is a perfect spot for photography and relaxation.

Ranthambore National Park

Safari Adventures

Ranthambore National Park is renowned for its wildlife, particularly the Royal Bengal Tigers. An exhilarating safari adventure awaits, where you can traverse through dense forests and open grasslands in search of these majestic creatures.

Royal Bengal Tigers

Spotting a tiger in its natural habitat is a thrilling experience. Ranthambore offers one of the best opportunities to see these magnificent animals up close, making it a highlight of the journey.

Wildlife Photography

The park is also home to a variety of other wildlife, including leopards, deer, and numerous bird species. Keep your camera ready to capture the diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of this iconic sanctuary.

Varanasi – The Spiritual Capital

Ganga Aarti

Varanasi, situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River, is the spiritual heart of India. The mesmerizing Ganga Aarti ceremony, held every evening, is a spectacle of lights and chants that evoke a deep sense of spirituality.

Boat Rides

A boat ride along the ghats of Varanasi offers a unique perspective of the city. Witness the daily rituals, cremation ceremonies, and the vibrant life along the riverbanks as you glide through the holy waters.

Spiritual Essence

Exploring the narrow lanes of Varanasi, filled with temples, ashrams, and bustling markets, immerses you in the spiritual fervor of this ancient city. Experience the timeless rituals and traditions that define Varanasi’s unique culture.

Agra – The City of Love

Taj Mahal

No journey to India is complete without visiting Agra, home to the Taj Mahal. This architectural masterpiece, built as a symbol of love, captivates with its exquisite beauty and intricate craftsmanship.

Agra Fort

The Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is another highlight of the city. Explore its palaces, courtyards, and gardens, which offer a glimpse into the grandeur of the Mughal era.

Mehtab Bagh

Stroll through the lush gardens of Mehtab Bagh, located across the Yamuna River from the Taj Mahal. This tranquil spot offers stunning views of the monument, especially at sunset, making it a perfect place for reflection and photography.

Luxury Onboard Experience


The Maharajas’ Express offers a gourmet dining experience with a variety of cuisines, including traditional Indian dishes and international favorites. Each meal is prepared with the finest ingredients, ensuring a culinary delight.


The train features luxurious cabins with en-suite bathrooms, providing a comfortable and private retreat. The elegant décor and attentive service make the journey as memorable as the destinations themselves.


From a well-stocked bar to a lounge area with panoramic views, the train is equipped with all the amenities needed for a luxurious journey. Personalized services and modern comforts ensure a seamless travel experience.

Cultural Immersion

Traditional Performances

Throughout the journey, travelers can enjoy traditional music and dance performances that showcase the rich cultural heritage of India. These performances provide an authentic glimpse into the country’s artistic traditions.

Local Cuisine

Indulge in the flavors of India with specially curated menus that highlight regional specialties. Each dish is a celebration of India’s culinary diversity, prepared with the utmost care and expertise.

Art and Craft

The journey includes visits to local artisans and craft centers, where you can witness traditional techniques and purchase unique handicrafts. These interactions offer a deeper understanding of India’s artistic legacy.

Booking and Itinerary Details

How to Book

Booking a journey on The Maharajas’ Express is easy through their official website. Detailed information about the itineraries, packages, and pricing is available to help you plan your royal adventure.

Journey Dates

The Maharajas’ Express operates on specific dates throughout the year. Check the schedule on the website to choose a date that suits your travel plans and ensure availability.

Package Options

Various package options are available, catering to different interests and durations. Whether you prefer a shorter journey focusing on Rajasthan or a longer one covering multiple states, there’s a package to match your preferences.


What are the different routes covered by The Maharajas’ Express?

The Maharajas’ Express offers several itineraries, including the Heritage of India, Gems of India, Indian Panorama, and Treasures of India, covering various regions and attractions.

How luxurious are the accommodations on The Maharajas’ Express?

The accommodations are exceptionally luxurious, featuring spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms, elegant décor, and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and opulent travel experience.

Is there a dress code on The Maharajas’ Express?

While there is no strict dress code, it is recommended to dress comfortably and suitably for the various activities and excursions. Smart casual attire is generally appropriate for onboard dining and events.

What kind of dining options are available on the train?

The train offers a variety of dining options, including traditional Indian cuisine and international dishes. Meals are served in beautifully decorated dining cars, providing a fine dining experience.

Are excursions included in the ticket price?

Yes, guided excursions to various attractions are included in the ticket price. These excursions are designed to offer a comprehensive experience of each destination.

How can I ensure my booking on The Maharajas’ Express?

To ensure your booking, it is advisable to book well in advance, especially for popular travel dates. You can book directly through the Authorised Agent Tailormade Journeys website www.maharajaexpress.co.uk


Exploring the vibrant vistas of India aboard The Maharajas’ Express is a journey of a lifetime. From the pink hues of Jaipur to the spiritual essence of Varanasi, every destination offers a unique experience that enriches your understanding of India’s rich cultural heritage. This luxurious train ensures that you travel in comfort and style, making your journey as memorable as the destinations themselves. Embark on this royal adventure and discover the #ColoursOfIndia in unparalleled luxury.



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